A Great Start to 2020 for Pip Blain!

So we started this year after a positive end to 2019 and hopefully this year will continue in the same way. Gaining more experience and confidence at some bigger shows with Roo, getting Frodo out and about again and progressing the training of both horses!!

In December, we headed to Keysoe High Profile Show for the PSG Small Tour Championship. It was a first High Profile Show for us so we headed up a day early to have a go at a PSG before contesting the Championship classes over the weekend. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous of the idea of a ‘high profile’ show, and on the Friday I was a little in awe of the whole thing. We produced a cautious test for a 66%+ which settled the nerves slightly!!

For the Championship it combines a straight PSG and then a freestyle. We warmed up with more confidence for our straight test and she felt good, but we made lots of silly mistakes which in a 65%+ test and 10th which I was quite disappointed with. I felt like we should have managed better. What it did do was give me a good ‘kick up the bum’ ahead of the final day’s music. I warmed up with my lesson earlier in the week ringing in my ears, headed into the arena determined to make this our test and it totally paid off!! Roo was fab, we were bolder and I loved riding to my awesome music created for me by the super talented Anne Kendall!! It was smiles all round (even from the judges at the end!!) and we finished 2nd on 71.63%. This was enough to pull us up to overall 3rd which was an awesome way to end the weekend and our first “big show”. I was so incredibly proud of the little dancing ginger!!

pip b 1

Just before New Year Mr Frodo also got back on the training wagon! He was a dude for his first lesson in a while and his body felt pretty good so fingers crossed we can keep building on this now!! The aim will hopefully be to get him out again over the next few months.

Roo started her year at Addington’s High Profile Show. We did 2 PSGs and our PSG Freestyle. It was a solid start to the year with 2 65%+ PSGs. The classes were enormous with lots of names that I normally would sit and watch not ride with (Like Charlotte!!) My aim was just to go and focus, and be a little braver warming up (and in the ring) and basically not to disgrace ourselves! Our outdoor test on the first day was getting better and better until we had a rather large miscommunication at the end of the extended canter, which was a massive shame but I was mega pleased with Roo anyway!! Our tests indoors were a little trickier, Roo isn’t always the biggest fan of indoors and I think had also lost a little confidence after our previous day’s mistake. She just had a little bit the handbrake on so wasn’t as expressive as she could be, and in the music we had several mistakes which was a pity but our timing was good.

It was a great experience and I think we will both have learnt a lot from the weekend. We held our own and finished consistently in the top half so that was a big achievement for us!! Sooo… the plan will be to try the Premier Leagues next all being well.

In the meantime we working towards the Regionals and excitingly have got our Hartpury entry in for the Petplan Finals also!!

Hope everyone has had a good start to the year too!! Here is to an awesome 2020 for you all!

Pip x

Posted on 12th February, 2020
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