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PharmaPlast Ultimate Topline – Sugar-free, non-heating for optimum muscle condition, coat and topline support for all horses, including horses in hard or strenuous work and horses that require extra help to improve overall condition.

Extremely palatable powder to be added to feed for best results post workout, promotes top line, coat condition, speeds up and aids recovery.

Contains every essential amino acid plus L-Arginine & Spirulina for optimum muscle growth, development and general well being of your horse.

Safe and legal for use in all disciplines & competitions. Contains no banned substances.

Tried and tested formula.

BETTALife® products are developed and produced exclusively in the UK and batch tested for purity

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PharmaPlast Ultimate Topline

Introducing a sugar-free formula containing every single amino acid and the long-chain complex carbohydrate Waxy maize which is designed for sustained energy whilst also being non-heating. We also use the patented Bipoerine® which is unique to us in muscle and topline formulas. We have also been the first to introduce banana powder in such a product for increased levels of potassium after strenuous exercise.

Manufactured to human food grade standards, PharmaPlast contains zero sugar. PharmaPlast supplies every single essential amino acid along with the semi-essential amino L-Arginine. PharmaPlast Ultimate Topline has a higher protein content than existing similar products, whilst also containing Selenium, Vitamin E, DHA and Linseed (FLAX) for amazing coat condition.

All BETTALife® products are manufactured exclusively in the UK at a human-grade factory and batch tested for purity. Completely legal and safe for use in all competitions.

Muscular support formula. PharmaPlast Ultimate Topline support is an extremely high specification formula and the latest in post-exercise recovery and muscle conditioning. Containing every single essential amino acid for optimal muscular development, complex cool carbohydrates for exercise and recovery, extremely high levels of selenium, DHA and organic linseed which will contribute to developing and maintaining a healthy, shiny coat. PharmaPlast is an extremely palatable powder to be added to feed. It is designed for animal use only.

BETTALife® PharmaPlast contains no banned substances. PharmaPlast is safe and legal to use in all competitions and contains no banned substances.

Complete List of Ingredients based on 50g serving:

Waxy Maize 15g

Spirulina Powder 10g

Essential Amino Acids 9g

Amino Acids 1,000mg

Organic Brown Linseed Cake Powder (FLAX) 5,000mg

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 5,000mg

Banana Powder 100% 3,750mg

Vitamin E Succinate 1,200mg

Bioperine® 40mg

Sodium Selenite (Selenium) 10mg

Additional information

Weight 1500 g

1500g, 750g

1 review for PharmaPlast Ultimate Topline

  1. Eileen Melvin

    Can’t rate pharmaplast enough having tried it’s more expensive rivals without much success. In the first three weeks of using pharmaplast I saw a considerable difference in my ex-racehorse both in condition and muscle tone, he’s now two months on and wow he looks amazing. Below is a link to a post showing a before and after photo on facebook.
    Really looking forward to next show season now


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