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PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA Equine

BETTALIFE® PharmaQuin Joint CompleteHA, a new benchmark in British Equine Nutrition.

PharmaQuin Joint CompleteHA Equine is an extremely high specification joint supplement with a 10-10-4 Ratio of Glucosamine HCl, MSM and Chondroitin. PharmaQuin Joint CompleteHA Equine only contains the highest-grade active ingredients and has zero additives.

BETTALIFE® products are developed and produced exclusively in the UK and batch tested for purity, ensuring that only components that are of significant benefit are included. This guarantees that you are not paying the extra cost for unnecessary ingredients. You can also be safe in the knowledge that our products are provided with the highest grade levels of active ingredients ensuring maximum impact and the best possible care for your horse’s joints.

1kg is equivalent to 100 day supply for a 500kg horse on maintenance phase; 30g daily serving (2 Scoops) loading phase, 10g daily serving (2/3 Scoop) maintenance phase.


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    The most common cause of problems in horses according to vets and equine specialists, is joint discomfort. Any form of exercise, especially over a prolonged period, causes micro-damage to muscle and bone. For the horse, a heavy workload or competition is essentially traumatic and physiologically unnatural, causing joint damage.

    Specialisation in a particular discipline causes the same muscles & joints to be used repeatedly, causing damage beyond natural repair (similar to repetitive strain syndrome in humans).

    Advancing age, as well as exercise, can lead to a breakdown in the natural regeneration process, where damage starts to outweigh repair, resulting in joint discomfort, stiffness, and other joint problems. By feeding a joint supplement you are helping to rebalance this process allowing your horse to stay more comfortable for longer and helping to maintain healthy joints long term.

    For your horse to be able to perform to his full potential it is vital that his joints are given the best possible care. The most effective way to do this is by feeding a joint supplement that boosts the natural joint repairing substances in the body. BETTALIFE® products are the British Nutrition specialists solution to long term joint health – we make no extravagant claims. Your horse’s health and working career is paramount which is why BETTALIFE® products have been formulated with this as their utmost priority.

    To find out more about PharmaQuin Joint CompleteHA Equine click here


    Ingredients per 30g loading phase:

    • Glucosamine 12000mg (Glucosamine HCL 99% 11000mg, N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine 99% 1000mg)
    • Methylsulfonylmethane (M.S.M) 12000mg
    • Chondroitin Sulphate 90% 4800mg
    • Vitamin C 500mg
    • Hyaluronic Acid 300mg
    • Magnesium Sulphate 200mg
    • Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 100mg
    • Copper Chelate 50mg
    • Bioperine 50mg
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    Manufactured in the UK
    British Dressage 2020 Sponsor

    At BETTALIFE®, our promise is to deliver the highest specification products whilst still offering superb value for money. We always strive to provide outstanding customer service. You have our assurance that all BETTALIFE® products can be combined in use safely and are designed to compliment each other. In the event that you have a question/concern regarding any of our products, please contact us;


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    69 reviews for PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA Equine

    1. Kathryn Fletcher (verified owner)

      My mare has been on pharmaquin for almost 3 years now having been recommended by her physio. To test the benefits I recently took her off it for a week, she got very stiff and XXXX within days. Back on it now and she happy! Highly recommend for any horse with XXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXX XX XXX XXXX)

      *edited due to medicinal claim

      • BETTALIFE®

        Hi Kathryn, Thank you for the positive feedback and impromptu testing! We are currently having our scientific testing written up and will be sharing the exciting results when ready.

        Best wishes,
        Ryan, Team BETTALIFE®

    2. shippers (verified owner)

      Since starting our 18year old event pony on this he has never been better! He is so happy in himself and loving life. When it comes to the jumping he absolutely has wings….only downside at his last BE he felt so well he added some of his own moves in the dressage! We can forgive him though as it is so good to see him so well. At his last physio visit she commented on his excellent hock flexion and describes him as “incredible!” Thankyou so much!

      • BETTALIFE®

        Hi and thank you for the lovely review, it genuinely has put a smile on my face, especially the comment about the ‘own moves’. We are so pleased to be making a difference.

        Best wishes,
        Ryan, Team BETTALIFE®

    3. hannah (verified owner)

      I have been really pleased with how my horse has been since starting to use PharmaQuin Joint Supplement. My boy is now 14 and due to slight issues that have shown up on xrays in his hocks and stifles I was keen to get him on a good joint supplement. I had been recommended PharmaQuin by many others especially those doing higher level dressage as the best joint supplement so I gave it a go. I have not been disappointed and feel my boy is much more supple now with the help from the supplement. He doesn’t even flinch that it’s in his dinner he just eats it up as well as before I started using it which is a bonus!

      The team at Bettalife are exceptional and always go that extra mile. Love your order tends to be here the next day too which is excellent service. That’s my boy on PharmaQuin for life now. Thanks

      • BETTALIFE®

        Hi Hannah,

        Thank you so much for sharing your experience of not only using PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA but also for your very kind words about us too. We really appreciate you taking the time to share this.

        Best wishes,
        Ryan, Team BETTALIFE®

    4. Sally Cotter (verified owner)

      Starting feeding our 24 year old mare on this after an injury and old age catching up on her, she has been on this for 2 months and within a matter of weeks the change was amazing., she is now back in full work acting like a 10 year old… very happy with her and would thoroughly recommend this product.

      • BETTALIFE®

        Hi Sally,

        Absolutely fabulous to read and thank you so much for sharing! We really appreciate it.

        Best wishes,
        Ryan, Team BETTALIFE®

    5. Anna Sentance (verified owner)

      Great product and love the fact it comes in a refill pouch too 🙂 helps keep my ex racehorse comfortable and he definitely appears less stiff.

      • BETTALIFE®

        Hi Anna,

        Thank you for taking the time to share your review. We are so pleased to be making a difference to your ex-racehorse.

        Best wishes,
        Ryan, Team BETTALIFE®

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    100% Money Back Guarantee

    100% Money Back Guarantee


    Our money back guarantee is both simple and straight forward, allowing customers to return products directly to BETTALIFE® for a full refund of their purchase price. This means that you can use any BETTALIFE® product without risk and in the unlikely event you are not entirely satisfied with the results, you can return it without penalty. All that we ask is that the remainder of the product along with the receipt of purchase, outer tub and any other packaging is returned. Whatever your reason for returning the product, we will be happy to refund your purchase price IN FULL.

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    At BETTALIFE® we follow CLEAN SPORT guidelines ensuring all of our products and every single ingredient we use will always comply with the legislation regarding the use of substances with the potential to affect equine performance, health or welfare and/or with a high potential for misuse which is contrary to the integrity of equestrian sport and the welfare of horses. All of our products are 100% competition legal and safe for any discipline, ensuring we can fully support our sponsored riders, athletes, British Dressage & Class Sponsorship.