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Clarity, precision and transparency are at the heart of what we do, which allow us to provide targeted nutritional support with high specification supplements for horses, dogs and humans. Using only the finest active ingredients, with no fillers or bulking agents, all of the BETTALIFE® products are developed and produced exclusively in the UK. When this is teamed with our prompt delivery service and outstanding customer care, you know you can rely on us to provide premium products with maximum impact to your horse.


Our knowledgeable team are on hand to provide free and impartial advice to everyone, with the full list of ingredients published online for all of our products. Relied upon by high profile riders including Show Jumpers Annabel Shields and Robert Smith, Dressage Riders Mari Akhurst and Jade Clark and Eventers Hazel Towers and Millie Dumas, our products provide support to performance horses at all levels of competition, while also used universally by everyday equines across all disciplines, stages of life and development.

PharmaQuin Joint CompleteHA Equine was the first product to be launched back in 2015, designed to support horses in heavy work, competition or to ease ageing joints. Combining Glucosamine (HCl and N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine), MSM and Chondroitin in a 10:10:4 ratio ensures maximum impact and optimal levels of these research proven compounds.

PharmaQuin was closely followed by PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support, which is making waves in the equestrian industry. Providing stomach and intestinal support for your horse during stressful situations, long periods of travel or box rest and when their digestive system could be compromised. It comes in a palatable powder that can be easily added to feed and works well when fed before strenuous exercise, as it helps to maintain optimum pH levels and ensure maximum fermentation patterns.

The latest product to be released is PharmaPlast Ultimate Topline, providing optimum support for competition horses, horses in hard or strenuous work and horses that require extra help to improve overall condition. It contains every single essential amino acid plus L-Arginine & Spirulina for optimum muscle growth, development and general well-being, promoting topline, coat condition and aiding recovery.

About The Team

Ryan Millar

Founder of BETTALIFE®

After starting a specialised Sports Nutrition Business back in 2000, Ryan transformed a home office into a multi-national, award winning SME employing over 40 staff with purpose built distribution facilities, successfully launching 2 Sports Nutrition Brands that are still flourishing today. With over 20 years experience in the sports nutrition industry, Ryan’s career brings together not only a true understanding of all aspects of nutrition, but also the effects nutrition has on activity, well-being and recovery.

Ryan brings a fresh approach to the equine industry based on a solid foundation of extensive research and development and an unrivalled determination to offer the very best ingredients to deliver results, whilst believing in a transparent approach to help educate the customer to make informed decisions.

Ryan is proud to support up and coming riders such as Mari Akhurst and Annabel Shields as they have climbed the levels and reached success in their sports. Finding the right riders to support at the right time is something that Ryan intends to continue with BETTALIFE®, while supporting stockists and giving back to the equestrian industry as a whole.

Amy Pickard

National Accounts Manager

Well-known within retail, Amy Pickard is our National Accounts Manager. With the ongoing growth and expansion of the supplement range in mind, Amy’s forges new trading relationships as well as maintaining the existing distributors and retail network.

With exceptional customer service at the forefront of the business, Amy supports retailers across the BETTALIFE® range of products including PharmaPlast Ultimate Topline, PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support, PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA and the newly launched PharmaPRO Total Equine Support.

In her own words about her with BETTALIFE®, Amy says, “I’m looking forward to continuing to build relationships with new and existing retailers, as well as create a broader portfolio of stockists nationwide. It’s an especially exciting time for the brand with the launch of PharmaPRO, and my first calls have been to introduce the new product to stockists. It’s been great to start promoting its fantastic concept of a one scoop per day, 3 in 1 formula which supports digestion, joints and topline. I’m excited to contribute to the continued growth of BETTALIFE®!”