April has been a busy month preparing Helen Dolisznyj’s Evangelico (Blue) ready for the Winter Championship. All the other horses have had an easier time and have just been ticked over in the school and done lots of hacking.

Took Blue out for a run at Allens Hill to ride through the Championship tests at Elementary and Medium Level. He was a super boy, he hadn’t really competed since the end of last year. He was much more confident warming up as he used to be petrified of the other horses. Both tests went well although there was a small blip in each as he then decided to be frightened of the horse in the next arena, but he got two great scores 73% and 72% and finished 2nd in both classes. We also took Helen’s other horse Espirito to have another go at a PSG, it was only our 3rd attempt at the level and although plenty of room for improvement we won and some how have managed to win all 3 tests at the level.

At the Winter Championships on the Wednesday there were two rounds at Elementary level and we needed to finish it the top 15 to get through to the second round. Blue did an amazing first test, the best he has ever felt in a test and so much more consistent with the contact. We were quite early to go so it was a long wait till the end of the class. I was pleased with my mark that went up on the score board which was just over 69%. About half way through the class I was still in the lead and definitely was going through to the second round. I manage to hold on to the top spot right until the end. I was so thrilled, it was so unexpected.

The second round was on the afternoon, and each of us went in the same order as the morning, so again I was early to go. Blue was a little tired but still gave me a good feel in the test but not quite as good as the morning. Although I felt it wasn’t quite as good my mark said otherwise as we had gained 70%. It was a very long wait again till the end of the class as we were in the lead but unfortunately got pushed down towards the end to 4th place but I was still really thrilled. It was his first time at a Championship and he coped so well.

On the Friday we went back again to do the Medium, Blue again was super and tried so hard. It had been a long week for both of us but he did another solid test with no mistakes. We got another 69% score and was leading again right up until the very end and one of the last horses to go beat us by less than 1%. Still a fab result and Reserve Champion! It was a very tiring week but so worth it.

Since then Blue has gone back home and we have been concentrating on the horses we have at home and also had more schooling liveries come in. Need to get the horses prepared for some competitions to qualify for something over the summer. Having numerous horses to ride and with the new rules with BD it’s hard to keep up with what I am eligible for. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting our 4 year old out to some competitions later this summer, so that will keep me busy for sure!

All the best

Jade Clark x