Badminton 2019 Review | Q&A With TeamBETTALIFE® Rider Millie Dumas

BETTALIFE® Did you think it was a dream come true that you would ride at Badminton this year?

Millie Dumas: Yes definitely, I’ve always dreamt of riding at Badminton from being a 5 year old but its been a long journey with a lot of hard work. My earliest memory of Badminton is being a little girl being dragged around the shops by my mum and grandma. I’ve had Artie 8 years now and I’ve always known he’d be five star horse, we just needed to get there.

The feelings you feel when you cross the finish flags on the cross country are the best feelings in the world! There was a lot of of emotions on Saturday from being nervous in the morning to ecstatic in the afternoon.

BL: After walking the cross country course did your plan change once you set off on Artistiek on Saturday?

MD: Yes they did but only minor changes, I took the longer route at the Mirage water having watched a few horses not jump through well. I had already decided I wasn’t going for the time I wanted to play it safe.

BL: Which fence gave you the most to think about on the cross country course?

MD: Hollow fence definitely, I wasn’t sure how Artie would react because the ditch was large, it didn’t ride comfortably especially when Artie did jump the ditch massive.

BL: Can you tell us how you stay motivated and complete your goals?

MD: I think its really important to have goals, I have a goal for each horse I ride, my goals are achieved by constantly training & working towards them at home everyday plus sticking to the plan. You can never train too hard.

BL: Do you have any superstitions or rituals before you compete?

MD: No I really don’t, I don’t have any lucky socks or anything like that. I did however have a lovely person send me a four leaf clover in a card to Badminton which my boyfriend carried in his pocket all day Saturday so maybe that was my good luck, I’m definitely keeping it!

BL: What is your favourite thing to do when your not with your horses e.g. downtime?

MD: Its very rare that I get a day off during the eventing season, my evenings are usually filled with horse planning, but when I do get some time I love going for long walks with the dogs, eating nice food and just being normal.

I do usually go on holiday November time at the end of the season to unwind and it definitely has to be somewhere hot.

BL: What are your plans & goals for the rest of 2019?

MD: I would like all of my younger horses to step up a level confidently and be ready for the next season, I also aim to complete a 3 day event by the end of the season with each horse. I have a couple of horses I’m aiming for Badminton 2020!

BL: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

MD: Well, five years takes us to an Olympic year so that would be a dream come true to be part of that. I would also love to be selected for a senior GB team, it is very hard to be selected for a team as its such a big world in eventing.

Millie is currently searching for new owners whether this be full ownership, shared ownership or syndicates. Please feel free to contact Millie or family if this is something you’d be interested in.


Posted on 21st May, 2019
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