Well this is a very late blog as my PC has been in the shop for repairs and service.

Following Briars return into full work and the preparations for the winter Gold championships I started her on the new BETTALife® PharmaPLAST. This has given such amazing results in a short time. Obviously, they still need to be worked correctly but wow what a difference!

I took Briar up to Woolcroft saddlery for a end of season pre championship check and Mark was impressed with how well she looked maybe a tad too well. Some small tweaks and we were all set to go.

Sadly, I had arranged to share a groom, but this didn’t happen and so off I went on the 7hr journey on my own to Myerscough. The staff were amazing going out of their way to help me and I was able to settle Briar and myself in for the next few days. Lovely Hannah that worked there also arrange for her mum to bring her festival trolley in so I could borrow it for the show. This is now definitely on my shopping list as it made it so much easier.

The first day was just a qualifier but chance to get a feel for the arena. This wasn’t our finest moment and Briar decided to be a Ninja and take a dislike to the photographer mid test. Still good lesson learned and so valuable advice from Tanya my trainer and her mum on the phone to plan for tomorrows championship. Arena walk and an early work out and an afternoon nap for the rider as we didn’t present until 7pm. From the minute I hit the warm up I knew she was with me she was listening to my every aid and waited for the next communication. Julie Payne Annie and Roe where there at the side cheering me on and Briar was loving every minute. We went into the arena last in the class and danced the best we have to date. Still parts of the test can be massively improved which just adds for more excitement when the results were in.

Tears filled my eyes to hear I was in second place and the reserve champion a podium place and our best championship result so far. Kind words for the judges and team GB selectors saying how we had improved just added to my joy.

A very late but truly happy February blog

Marcelle Ward

#Team BETTALife® Sponsored Rider