February has been hit and miss with the weather and so has the riding! The horses have done plenty of hacking around the bad days and I’ve managed to train them the few good days we have had.

Oscar as Dino had a pre regional run the end of January and Oscar won the advanced medium. Dino did an elementary and a medium. He has a bit of a track record for becoming very shy in the arena which can lead to him being either very backward and be hind the leg or naughty but he did manage to behave and wasn’t too lazy. He was 3rd in the elementary and 2nd in the medium.

Early February we took them both to Bishop Burton Winter Regionals. Never been there before, it was a lovely venue even with dreadful weather. We stayed with my Auntie and her family who I haven’t seen for 10 years as I have been so busy with the horses, so it was lovely to catch up.
Both Dino and Oscar were doing two tests each. Dino’s elementary was on the first day, he warmed up great until about 10 minutes before I was due to go in and then started misbehaving very badly. He settled before I went in but it didn’t give me the best preparation. I got him through the test but I know we can do much better, we finished about half way in our section which I was pleased with. The second day was Dino’s medium test. He had only done 3 mediums previously so was a big ask. He was just as naughty to warm up again, in fact he was worse as we were asked to warm up in a different arena. Again he settled before the test, probably better than the previous day. I was pleased with his test, felt much better than the last test but our mark was disappointing however it was a pleasant experience regardless of his naughtiness!

Oscar was Oscar and as always gave 110%. He did a perfect medium freestyle (well I thought so) spot on the music and did everything asked of him. Last time out he got 75% and 9’s for his degree of difficulty. On this day he got 6.5’s for the degree of difficulty, so that was disappointing. But we did managed to finish 10th.
The following day Oscar did the Advanced Medium, first attempt at a regional. He tried really hard again although there were mistakes, so expected a low mark. Some of his changes were a bit late but having said that there were clean ones in there too. I was pleased and was good spending a few days away from home. Having only two horses to do felt so easy!

After we got back it was like playing catch up trying to get all the other horses back in work although most of them were lunged whilst we were away. They definitely tested my stick ability for a few days! It was great fun!

Espirito has just had his pre regional outing, he was super albeit a bit cheeky. He’s not been out since the Lusitano Championships. We did the regional test and won with a little over 68% and then went on to do an advanced test so hopefully after the regionals we can get out at PSG. Thankfully we got the more than 3% of the required mark and won the class! Last week we had some training with Carl and boy has it paid off. We worked on changes on the serpentine and in the test we got awarded 8’s for all the changes. The judge loved his canter, the trot is good too just need to keep him more secure in the contact. Hopefully we can do the same next week at SummerHouse Regionals which are very early March.

All of the horses are feeling fantastic, they are thriving on PharmaQuin and are bringing in the results (when they behave) ūüôā

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