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Introducing Ivanho aka Rodney

After a massive high from Waregem it was Briars turn to have a little chill time and field time with her mum. Sadly, not for long as we have the summer semi finals first week of June. While she relaxed, I turned to Rodney my 5 yr old slightly special in many ways to see if we could up his game a bit. Well it dawned on me that we hadn’t really done centre lines and well what’s a halt. OH dear I wasn’t sure if four weeks would be enough for Rodney to make it to our first Para party. How wrong was I Rodney who normally seems to be a Tim nice but dim in his box is clearly a lot cleverer than I have ever given him credit for? Center lines nailed in first session as well as half 10m if he stays on my upside rein no problem. Halts slightly longer and an early half halt required to demonstrate my intention second session nailed. Good boy Rodney not such a plonker after all.

The moment of truth could Rodney pull it off away from home. He surprisingly scrubbed up rather well and loaded the lorry like he was a professional. I was starting to get excited until we arrived, and Rodney had decided to dismantle the inside of my lorry oh dear god Rodney true to his name was off on his normal rampage which included a dance around the carpark with me and Jojo hanging around his rope. He didn’t stop there no this time he wasn’t going in the lorry because he liked being at a Para party and was enjoying watching the others. 10 minutes of waving at Jojo he decided it was fair to much energy and loaded like nothing had happened. Well was I cross with him, actually no because despite Rodney being a Rodney, ridden wise he didn’t put a foot wrong. He went into the warmup and managed to contain himself to work like a little angel. Could I get this in the arena? I started to get a bit hopeful, he took a nervous step into the in door which housed white boards and planters with lovely equine flowers and a car for the judge. A large viewing window full off on lookers and rubber that flew up as he hit the surface. At the last halt I was beaming Rodney was fantastic and apart from some baby balance wobbles he did what he was asked gaining 7.5 for walk and canter and 7 for his trot and overall paces. I am now very excited for Rodney’s future as a Para pony and plan some more trips out soon.

Posted on 24th June, 2019
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