Listen to the Pros who love PRO!

Don’t just listen to us this PROvember, take a look at some of the reviews we’ve got from our Pro riders on how much they love PharmaPRO!

Pip Blain, dressage rider & trainer: “With BETTALIFE’s PharmaPRO, I have total confidence that their joints, muscles and gut health are fully supported in one convenient scoop. The super palatable blend is even a hit with my fussy eaters, it’s a win-win on the yard and makes feed time a lot easier”

Eventer Steve Heal says: “BETTALIFE’s PRO is the best all round supplement I’ve used! It covers all aspects that you’d want a supplement to cover: joints, gut health and top line. It is great having all 3 elements in 1 supplement, easy to pop in the lorry for stay away shows and doesn’t clutter the feed room with numerous different types”

Showjumper and event rider Emma Manton is also a fan: “PharmaPro is not only a cost-effective all in one supplement, but also extremely easy to use. Knowing that my horses joints, gut health and top line are all being supported in one palatable scoop makes feed time extremely easy, no matter who is doing it. Vanilla Fusion has been on PharmaPro this year, and she’s never looked or felt better!”

Sam Gillespie, eventer agrees: “I love PharmaPro because it covers joints, gut & top line all in one. This makes it more cost effective and keeps my horses happy and comfortable and able to compete at their best!”

Team GB show jumper, Joe Whitaker, has this to say: “I’m so impressed with the results of PharmaPRO, this is such a brilliant, cost-effective idea that brings you the best of everything in one handy scoop! PharmaPRO will definitely be my go-to for an all-in-one supplement to support their joints, digestion and muscle development!”

Dressage rider and National title holder, Jade Baker (nee Clark), encourages her owners to use PharmaPRO – “BETTALIFE® products speak for themselves! Since using them they have brought in results and all of the horses improved!”

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Posted on 14th November, 2023.

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