Looking After Your Horse In Hot Weather

With seriously warm temperatures coming to the UK, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help your horses in the heat.

  1. Make sure clean water is always available – this is a great time to have a quick clean of your field troughs or buckets too! You may even need to provide additional buckets both in the stable or field if your horse is drinking more. If you think your horse may not be drinking enough, adding a few apples to their water for apple bobbing can often entice them!
  2. Provision of shade in the day – if you can’t provide shade in the day for field-kept horses, it may be advisable to turn your horses out at night, or very early in the morning/late in the evening.
  3. Ventilation – for stabled horses, consider the air-flow into their stable. If there is poor ventilation, the use of a plug in fan in a safe location where the horse cannot touch it may help keep your horses cooler. Your horse may be a little alarmed by it at first, so take care when introducing the fan.
  4. Sunburn – watch out for sun burn in field horses. Some horses have pink skin on their nose at face, but remember to consider other areas of their bodies too. Fetlocks can often be a common area. Use a high factor children’s suncream to help prevent burning, although remember to test on an area of your horse’s skin first. Full face masks can also be beneficial in blocking the sun, with many offering UV protection too.
  5. Work load – try to exercise horses first thing in the morning or late in the evening. The hottest times of the day are usually 10am – 4pm, which is worth considering when planning your training regime. After riding, ensure your horse has cooled down properly, hosing off would be best but sponging is also beneficial. Feeding PharmaPlast can also support your horse’s recovery rate following exercise.

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Posted on 21st July, 2021
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