Meet #TeamBETTALIFE® Rider Grace Wallace

Meet #TeamBETTALIFE® rider Grace Wallace! Grace tells us all about her job in equine rehabilitation as well as her team of showjumpers.

Hello everyone,
I’m very excited to be doing my first blog post as part of #TeamBETTALIFE®! I’ll give you all a brief introduction to me and what I do with my horses.

My name is Grace and I am a 20-year-old rider based in Cheshire. I have 4 horses who I compete in showjumping. I currently have Claire, Emmy, Hazel and Lena, who I compete in heights up to 1.35m. They are all bay warmblood mares (I guess you could say I have a type!). We were also very fortunate to have bred our first foals last year. We have 3 wonderful homebreds and a lovely broodmare who is currently back in foal and due June of this year!

I am very lucky to be based where I am as we get to keep all of the horses at home (literally on our doorstep!). I also work from home for my job in Equine Rehabilitation. Rookery Equine Ltd. is my family’s equine rehabilitation and fitness business. We use exciting therapy equipment such as the Water Treadmill, Salt Water Spa, Combi Floor and so much more! We work with a huge range of horses, who visit for rehabilitation and fitness, day visits and as well liveries, and also just for pamper days. I absolutely love my job as you get to work with such a vast array of horses from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines. It really is rewarding being able to watch them progress and improve over time. 

grace wallace  at rookery equine

Working within the equine rehabilitation industry really has given me an insight into the importance of prevention as well as recovery of injuries. Having showjumpers myself, it really is vital that you give them the best possible care to ensure a long and healthy career. That’s why a couple of years ago I changed my horses onto BETTALIFE® supplements. I believe that prevention really is better than cure. All of my horses are fed on PharmaQuin to keep their joints in optimum condition and meet the demands of the sport. I also feed PharmaPlast to my horses who perhaps need more help developing topline and condition. We recommend these to our clients too. In so many rehabilitation cases as we have seen fantastic results first-hand, and it really does do what it says on the tin (or tub!).

The BETTALIFE® products have worked wonders for our horse, Lena, who recently returned to work after having her foal in April 2020. She bounced back to work brilliantly. PharmaPlast really did help her to build up her topline and improve her coat condition again after a break. On top of this, one of my horses was diagnosed with hind-gut stomach ulcers last year, which is very common in competition horses. I contacted the team at BETTALIFE® to ask if the PharmaTRAC would help her as part of a maintenance programme after she finished her treatment. The advice I received was brilliant so we decided to give it a go. I’m so glad I did! She is noticeably so much happier both when tacking up and ridden, and her whole demeanour has changed. We have a very happy and cheeky little horse again! I can honestly say that I would never take her off it now. I have seen such a noticeable difference, and there’s not many companies I can hand-on-heart say truly work! 

It’s great that both my career and my passion overlap as it means that once I’ve finished work, I get to sneak my horses in to use the therapy equipment too! They really do get treated like royalty with the equipment we have. It also helps to improve their fitness levels, especially great if the weather is awful and I don’t feel like getting wet riding!

When I’m not working, I try to compete each weekend with my horses in affiliated competitions all over the country. What I also love about all of the BETTALIFE® products is that all of their supplements are completely competition legal. This is so important as I started competing at FEI level a couple of years ago. This gives you piece of mind when travelling and competing in these shows. The last international show I competed in was at Liverpool International at the end of 2019. My wonder horse Claire actually took the win in one of the classes, as well as a 4th! My other horse Emmy also gained a 2nd and a 3rd in her classes!

grace wallace at liverpool horse show
grace wallace at liverpool horse show

After the recent Coronavirus pandemic, much of 2020 was written off show-wise. We just enjoyed a lot of time at home with the horses and gave them a well-deserved break. We did manage to get to a few shows here-and-there and even qualified for a few finals for 2021 in the short time that shows were on! My aims for this year (assuming that the world begins to return to normal again!) are to compete at a few more international shows, compete abroad, and to qualify for some Summer championships. And most importantly, just enjoy ourselves!

I hope you have all enjoyed this blog post and it has given you a little insight into what I do. I look forward to continuing to work with the fantastic team at BETTALIFE® and I would encourage you to try their supplements if you don’t already! 

I’ll see you in the next blog!

Grace x

Posted on 11th January, 2021
Posted in Sponsored Riders

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