Sara Lees, Eventer Extraordinaire based at Parklands Equestrian, Doncaster, is the newest member to our Sponsored Riders Team and she has had a busy season with her two horses Denzil and Frisky.

Denzil is a young horse that has learnt eventing on the job. He may be small in stature but he’s big in heart, achieving double clears and qualifying for the riding club championship where he gained a double clear and came 5th overall. From his humble beginnings he is going from strength to strength.

Frisky has gained some strong positioning throughout the season, peaking with a win at the British Riding Club National Championships, individually and as a team in the 100cm class. We are looking forward to hearing how she gets on in the novice class next season!

Sara puts a lot of her recent success down to taking our BETTALife® PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA supplement. Both horses have been taking the supplement, celebrated as the highest specification joint supplement on the market and have found remarkable results. Sara states Denzil, her young gelding, was weak behind as he is still maturing. However, due to BETTALife® PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA his flat work and jumping has become much stronger and he is moving more freely. Frisky has also felt the benefits of BETTALife® PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA, having her best season to date with double clears being consistently being achieved.

Sara affirms ‘without BETTALife® PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA Equine my results this season would have been very different. PharmaQuin has zero fillers and the highest grade active ingredients which makes all the difference when compared to other products on the market…’’

Here’s Sara’s biography in her own words:

“Hi my name is Sara lees and I am a horse rider based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire at Parklands Equestrian. I have worked and owned horses for many years and I have a passion for competing in eventing. I currently have 2 horses in my eventing team:

Brillosa St. Hubertushoeve (Frisky), who is a 16’2hh, 16 year old Belgium Warmblood. He use to compete at grade A show jumping and has now turned his hoof to eventing and has multiple double clears and placings under his belt in all classes up to 100 and is looking set to be ready to compete in the novice classes at the start of the next season. Some of his achievements from this season alone are:

1st individual and Team in the Senior 100 at the BRC Area 16 NAF Horse trial championship
3rd in 110 EMDG team at the BRC National show jumping championship and 8th individual overall
Double clears and placings at events such as Northallerton ODE, Somerford park ODE, Norton Disney ODE, Epworth ODE, and many more.

Circus Denzil (Denzil) is a 15’1hh, 6 year old sport horse who has really started to shine in his eventing career and has also got plenty of double clears at 80 in his achievements for a young horse that’s just had his first full season in the sport. He’s also ready to step up to the next level next season. Some of his achievements so far are:

6th Individual in the 90 Senior 90 at the BRC Area 16 NAF Horse trial championship
10th in the 90 EMDG Team at the BRC National show jumping competition
Double clears at Blenheim, Frickley, Northallerton, Somerford park and many more.
Both horses really do love their jobs and i think they are both training and feeling so well and ready to step up to their next levels.

Both horses are fed on your supplement Betta life Pharmaquin joint supplement and they both feel amazing. Frisky really benefits from it to keep his joints in top form for the bigger tracks and helps against the general wear and tear from his age. Denzil has the supplement as a preventative to keep his joints in good condition to help prevent any problems as he gets older and his job gets harder.”

We are really looking forward to seeing how Sara gets on and wish her all the success possible in 2018!