After an exciting September with a third place at the national championships we are also delighted to have qualified for the winter championships held at Myerscough early next year. I thought October was going to be a bit quieter, but it has turned out to be rather busy one.

I purchased three wintec saddles to be able to take my horses to our local beach without damaging their competition ones. This then resulted in all three horses going to squad training to get an appointment with the very talented team saddler outside of the program. Well I wasn’t expecting Brair to have a melt down at the fact her mum was there and was very lucky to have my friend Jo there to help me. I believe it turned into a positive experience with my coaching session helping me to ride her when she was very stressed and over come this and get great work from her. The other lucky thing was I didn’t have to give Rosie a wash thanks to her Pharmatrac keeping her tummy nicely settled in a stressful environment.

Later in that week I got to attend a cross discipline day as part of the excel squad and had a lovely day learning about social media and spending it with team mates. Lots of laughs and giggles had and a lovely catch up.

The last week of October I got to attend the ridden assessments for world class with a night away in the lorry. I was able to take my two lovely dogs with me as they can now get in and out of the lorry again since starting PharmaQuin. It is so nice to have them with me and not see Teddy struggling to get in and out she loves going trucking.

I received some lovely feedback and feel I managed to show our potential with Briars paces really improving and our work becoming more and more consistent. Last thing of the month is to use them beach saddles and give the horses some well deserved fun as they love the beach.

Marcelle Ward


Team BETTALife Para Dressage Rider