PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support – 4 in 1

BETTALIFE® PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support

PharmaTRAC provides total digestive tract support for horses with a 4 in 1 approach. It targets both the foregut and the hindgut of the horse. When fed in conjunction with correct management and forage regimes, PharmaTRAC helps to maintain an optimal gastric environment. It also maintains an ideal pH in the horse’s hindgut and supports normal fermentation patterns.

PharmaTRAC 4 in 1

  1. Comprehensive Acid Control for Maximum Ulcer Support
    The inclusion of buffering agents, gel forming fibres, and acid regulators all contribute towards comprehensive acid control in the gut, reducing the risk of ulcers forming as well as supporting those that
  2. Gut Balancer
    Targeting both the foregut and hindgut of the horse. Includes Beta Glucans, Inulin Prebiotic and Bioperine®
  3. Quick Fix for Loose Stools
    Provides digestive support to help restore normal stool patterns and consistency
  4. Fast & Effective Relief from Stressy Behaviour
    Ideal for use during periods of change to the diet, routine or season

We recommend PharmaTRAC for use during training and travelling, or at any time when feeding patterns have changed or have been compromised. It is the latest in digestive support which contains only the highest grade active ingredients with zero fillers. All BETTALIFE® products are created and made exclusively in the UK.

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At BETTALIFE®, our promise is to deliver the highest specification products whilst still offering superb value for money. We always strive to provide outstanding customer service. BETTALIFE® products are safe to use in conjunction with each other and all BETTALIFE® products support the CleanSport initiative.

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Posted on 23rd October, 2020
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