PharmaTRAC Trial

Maisie Slight, show jumper and polocrosse player, undertook an impartial trial of BETTALIFE® PharmaTRAC to see the difference the supplement could make to one of her horses.

PharmaTRAC is a supplement for total digestive tract support. It targets both the fore and hind gut and helps to maintain an optimal gastric environment.

Maisie trialled the supplement on a horse exhibiting typical ‘girthy’ behaviour when tacking up. This behaviour included putting their ears back and trying to bite when the girth was done up. Within 5 days the horse was exhibiting much less of this behaviour. Within 9 days almost all signs of discomfort were gone, and by day 14 there was minimal reaction to girthing up.

maisie sj2 1
Maisie sj 1

There are no restrictions on the use of PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support in competition as it contains no prohibited substances.

PharmaTRAC is suitable for horses experiencing loose stools, weight loss, lack of appetite, horses undergoing long periods of travel or box rest, stressful situations, or just to maintain a healthy digestive system and keep them at their best. Learn more about PharmaTRAC.

Find out how Maisie got on with her PharmaTRAC trial:

Posted on 1st March, 2021
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