Pip Blain – April Update

Well what a strange time this is for us all!!

My work is largely freelance which means I travel to people and right now that isn’t possible so I have far more time on my hands compared to what I’m used to!! I think my partner would say that’s not a good thing… He thinks I’m already getting grumpy… and so far we are only 2.5 weeks in.

The fridge and the cupboard seem to have a magnetic pull which I’m having to be really disciplined to resist, all of a sudden I’ve become way more domestic, and with far less riding at the moment I’ve had to resort to drastic measures and start running again (actually I love running, but my body doesn’t necessarily agree!!)

The cancellation of all shows and training has obviously meant goals and motivations have changed. Yesterday we would have been at the Winters and we were so looking forward to it but next year!! Whilst it’s disappointing to miss things, it’s actually quite cool to have several months worth of training time with no competition pressure. I was lucky and made it up for a final training session right before lockdown. In light of what we all kind of knew was coming, we started work on some of the things that we’ve been wanting to do but not when there were shows coming up!

So with Roo we have started looking at the onetime changes and also introduced half steps! So exciting!! Nothing in a hurry, she needs to develop strength and confidence and I need to develop better timing… and the ability to count beyond one..! With Frodo we are taking the time to do some strengthening work, so actually this lockdown is good timing for him. We have also started him on PharmaPlast to help support his muscle development so am looking forward to getting some pre and post lockdown photos! Whilst both horses are still working I’m being cautious about what I do given the current situation whilst keeping things as positive as possible. Take a look at the pictures below to see how my horses are finding the lockdown!!

Soooo what else have I been up to?! With less riding I’m flapping about my fitness… so as well as the running and my regular stretches I’ve been doing some Pilates and and busy chipping away on a few projects that should help things when we get up and running again. I’ve also been baking which is something I haven’t done for years… but absolutely love!! So we’ve been enjoying cake… and brownies… and yummies… why does it always happen that we have time to make these “bad” treats right when we need them least?!

Hope you are all surviving lockdown and finding some positives too!! It won’t be forever!!

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Pip xxx

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Posted on 14th April, 2020
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