Sadie Lock: Competing Abroad

If you ride, compete, travel, or trade horses in the European Union, then you will be well aware by now that there are some big changes on the horizon. Moving equines abroad is expected to become much more complicated and costly as of the 1st January 2021. It is all dependent on what trade deal is agreed as of the end of this year.

With this at the forefront of many competitors thoughts, we caught up with BETTALIFE® supported rider Sadie Lock, to find out about her experiences of competing abroad. Sadie competes all over the world in Mounted Games.

What’s been your favourite abroad show and why?

“This is a tricky one! I am lucky to have been all over the place with the ponies, but I think the Gothenburg Horse Show must be my favourite. This is because of the amazing atmosphere in the arena and the huge crowd with all the music! It is also a massive trip to get there which makes it a bit more special as well!”

Top tips for travelling horses abroad?

“I like to make sure they are happy with the lorry they are travelling on. Also, I always like to make sure they have company. It’s important that they are fit enough as travelling takes a lot out of them! Sugarbeet water, apple juice and thirst quench are my must haves for making them drink plenty. Whilst on the road, keeping them rehydrated is vital!”

Do you change your feeding regimes at all? If so, what do you change?

“Slightly, yes. If the ponies have protein in their diet & are only travelling that day I will cut out their protein. I just give them chaff and balancer along with plenty of electrolytes and hay/haylage, and of course their BETTALIFE® supplements.”

What’s the best thing about competing abroad?

“There’s just a special feeling about travelling to and riding in a different country. I love seeing how different countries do things & seeing the country as we drive through!” 

What’s the most challenging thing about competing abroad?

“Usually they require long journeys which can be tough on some ponies. Making sure the ponies remain in the perfect condition that they left in is the most important thing, and always ensuring the are happy and comfortable throughout the journey! As a mounted games rider, you also find equipment for the races vary sometimes depending on the country, so having to adapt to that can be tricky!”


It is advised to avoid travel to Europe during the first few weeks of January whilst the changes settle in and a protocol is better established. There will be key areas of change that anyone wishing to travel will have to familiarise themselves with. Increased documentation, disease testing, isolation, and restricted entry points are all going to be compulsory features of the new legislation.

Regardless of the added complications, travel abroad is a part of life for many riders, and a highlight that many look forward to. There is no doubt that in time these hurdles will be smoothed out somewhat, once everyone becomes acquainted with the new rules.


If you’d like to find out more about how BREXIT will affect the equestrian industry, head over to the British Equestrian website where you can find lots of regularly updated information and news.

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Posted on 11th December, 2020
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