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Hi Ryan, I just wanted to give you an update on our horse Red since using BETTAlife PharmaQuin HA. We have being using it for a number of weeks now and have been absolutely stunned at the difference it has made to his movement. We acquired Red in June in a poor condition having previously raced and briefly evented. It became clear immediately he had ulcers but also did not look sound. Following a huge amount of treatment from our Vet, Physio, Farrier and dentist although his feet, ulcers etc were cured and he was up to weight and gaining muscle he still wasnt moving 100% sound so we decided if by March he wasn’t right we would have to have him referred for further investigation.

Having nothing to lose on Sue Brennans recommendation we tried your product. He has it eaten without any fuss and within weeks when the Vet came out to check him she was astonished, she said he was tracking up the best she had ever seen and today at his first dressage clinic he was a different horse completely sound and moving beautifully. Two other people who watched him asked for the details of your product as they also now wish to try it for their horses. I can’t say how thrilled we are and definitely feel it’s your product that has made the difference…thank you so much.

Sarah Wylie

Posted on 5th February, 2017
Posted in Reviews

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