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Pip’s ‘End of Summer Round Up’

Well… the last few months have been a little on the crazy side!! But more than worth it ?

Mr Frodo (Feodore) made his competition debut. We took him to The Croft (one of our favourite local-ish venues!!) which is always lovely and chilled with the aim of making sure he had an easy and happy first experience of a show… needless to say he surpassed all our ambitions and went on to post a +73% Prelim!!

He has had two more outing, where he stepped up and had a bash at a few Novice tests posting some super scores ? and we also dipped our toes in the water and tried a Novice Freestyle… ? I let poor Frodo down entirely with absolutely disastrous timing BUT despite this we still posted a +72% test and loved our music which was expertly created by a very talented friend!! Frodo is now know as 007 ???

For a horse that’s normally rather hot he is a little internalised in the ring at the moment, with more outings for him to figure it all out I suspect he will eventually thrive in the arena ??

I’m in absolutely no hurry with this guy! He will have all the development time he needs, it’s all about the long term game with him!! He is hopefully a future ? and is an enormous young horse so I have no intention of hurrying him, lucky for us we are supported by BETTALIFE so I know he is getting the best of what he needs to support his growing joints by feeding PharmaQuin.

Rooster (Donatella IV owned by Jan Palmer) has had a phenomenal few months! She has actually had very few outings this year, I’ve been careful with my planning and done only what we’ve needed to and we’ve been putting a lot of time into training!

At the beginning of August we headed to Mount Ballan Regionals and contested the AM Silver Championship!! We finished 6th in a very strong Regional on a super +68% even with one expensive blip which unfortunately for us cost us a wildcard for the Nationals ? We misses the wild card list by 2 scores which was gutting BUT it was a fantastic show for us, Roo couldn’t have tried any harder and produced some of the best work she done in the ring. I was incredibly proud of her ?❤️ and so pleased that her owner Jan was there to see her!! My sister came with me for the weekend so it was an all round fab weekend ?

The focus went back into training until a fortnight ago which kicked us off again…

Widmer Area Festival Finals… we’ve been working hard on her pirouette work which has been a bit of a weakness… finally all the training seems to be paying off!! We got 6.5s and 7s for our pirouettes across the board from all 3 judges!! ??? I was really pleased with our canter work, I over rode the trot work a bit so I know it could have been better… but we scored a PB of 67.54 to come 2nd in the PSG Silver and QUALIFY DIRECTLY FOR THE FINALS!!! So proud of the little pocket rocket ? Roll on Winters next year!! ??

She has the biggest heart ❤️ She tries so so hard and I am so lucky to have such a cool little dancing partner.

Less than a week after Widmer, we were back in the lorry trekking in a totally different direction. This time to Blue Barn in Kent to contest the Small Tour Qualifier. We went with the attitude ‘lets have a bash and see how it goes, hopefully we won’t be blown totally out the water’…
We rode a straight PSG first which felt ok, it was clean and I was happy with our effort (I can ALWAYS find bits I want to improve ?) but my bigger focus was on having our first attempt at a PSG music!!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, I don’t normally get too worried about things but I was so anxious about the music!! ?? I was quite ambitious with my floorplan… and as I was warming up I started to think… “it’s too much, I’ve overcooked it, we won’t manage it in the ring”… it was too late to do anything about it so I had to crack on and have a go!! It came off… the changes could have been a little cleaner and the pirouette lines need a bit of practise but we got through it!! I don’t think I’ve ever been so relieved!!

Off we went back to the lorry, washed Roo off and got ourselves organised and headed back for the results with no expectations… we were totally gobsmacked… an average score of 72.78% and Small Tour Championships qualified for at our first attempt!! ?✅?? Never in a millions years did I think we’d ever manage to get scores like that!! We have some really lovely comments from the judges too which was both super kind and encouraging.

An amazing day and one to enjoy as who know when it’ll happen again, but we will be working hard to try and do it again now!! ??

Finals are in December so plenty of time to practise and polish up on my timing (which is still a little ‘green’ we could say ?)

For now it’s back to training though…
Update you all again soon,
Pip x

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Posted on 8th October, 2019
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