Introducing NEW PharmaPRO Total Equine Support

We’re delighted to introduce our brand-new equine product, PharmaPRO Total Equine Support.

Continuing to innovate and expand our range, PharmaPRO is a new three-in-one equine supplement which offers horses key nutrients in one easy-to-feed formula.

PharmaPRO is a unique blend of the three existing equine products – PharmaPlast Ultimate Topline, PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support and PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA. Formulated from 30% PharmaQuin, 30% PharmaTRAC and 40% PharmaPlast blend, this ratio provides total support with optimum levels of thirty-five active ingredients. PharmaPRO has been created for riders on the go, providing horses with one scoop a day and saving time, hassle and measuring – invaluable if time is short or for horses on full livery and competition yards.   

Using a research driven formula, PharmaQuin contains an optimum 10-10-4 ratio of Glucosamine HCl, MSM and Chondroitin to provide complete joint support and care. PharmaTRAC offers total digestive tract support, targeting both the foregut and hindgut of horses. PharmaPlast supports muscle condition, topline, post-exercise recovery, and coat & hoof condition, all with a unique sugar-free and non-heating formula. Blended evenly together to ensure continuity of active ingredient levels throughout the supplement, PharmaPRO provides an answer for owners who may have fussy feeders, or horses who would benefit from all three supplements in conjunction.  

PharmaPRO has been tested on a variety of horses from different disciplines, one of which was Pip Blain’s dressage horse Frodo who used it when recovering from colic surgery.
“With the workload that goes along with being a dressage horse, it’s super important to me that my horses’ bodies are as looked after as best possible. With BETTALIFE’s PharmaPRO, I have total confidence that their joints, muscles and gut health are fully supported in one convenient scoop. The super palatable blend is even a hit with my fussy eaters, it’s a win-win on the yard and makes feed time a lot easier.”  – Pip Blain.

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PharmaPRO is now available to purchase online. The feeding rate of PharmaPRO is one scoop per day for a 500kg horse on maintenance, with the tub providing 30 days of use for a horse of that weight. As with all BETTALIFE® products, PharmaPRO will be available with a 100% no quibble Money Back Guarantee. All BETTALIFE® products are available in a recyclable tub, excluding the labels which are unfortunately not yet recyclable. For further information about the product please visit or contact the team directly.  

Find out more about PharmaPRO here. Shop now and receive 25% off with code PRO25, as well as a FREE PharmaPRO bag.

Posted on 13th December, 2021
Posted in Product News

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