Total Digestive Support

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PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support

PharmaTRAC is a proven supplement for total digestive tract support. It targets both the foregut and the hindgut of the horse. PharmaTRAC when fed in conjunction with correct management and forage regimes, PharmaTRAC helps to maintain an optimal gastric environment. It helps to maintain an optimum pH in the horse’s hindgut and ensure normal fermentation patterns.

PharmaTRAC is recommended for use during training and travelling, or at any time when feeding patterns have changed or have been compromised.

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    Digestive support formula. PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support is the latest in digestive support which contains only the highest grade active ingredients with zero fillers.

    BETTALIFE® products are developed and produced exclusively in the UK and batch tested for purity.

    PharmaTRAC is designed to support stomach and intestinal health and is a palatable powder to be added to feed. It is designed for animal use only. There are no restrictions on the use of PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support in competition or otherwise.

    PharmaTRAC is suitable for Horses experiencing:

    • Loose droppings
    • Weight loss
    • Lack of appetite
    • Stressful situations when maximum support is required
    • Ideal for horses experiencing a change in diet/forage
    • Helps maintain a healthy digestive system
    • Long periods of travel or box rest
    • Before strenuous exercise
    • Loose Stools
    • Gut Balancer
    • Equine Gut Balancer
    • Horse Gut Balancer

    For best results we advise that you add PharmaTrac to a small pre-exercise chaff/fibre based meal (maximum 30 minutes before).


    Ingredients per 30g serving:

    • Alfalfa Powder 10800mg
    • Sodium Bicarbonate 6000mg
    • Di Sodium Phosphate Anhydrous 3000mg
    • Calcium Carbonate Precipitated 3000mg
    • Organic Brown Linseed Cake Powder 3000mg
    • Magnesium Phosphate (13.4% mg, 17.2% P) 1500mg
    • 1,3 Beta Glucans (min 70% from yeast) 1500mg
    • Inulin (Beneo Orafti® ST) Prebiotic 1200mg
    • Bioperine® 30mg
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    Manufactured in the UK
    British Dressage 2020 Sponsor

    At BETTALIFE®, our promise is to deliver the highest specification products whilst still offering superb value for money. We always strive to provide outstanding customer service. You have our assurance that all BETTALIFE® products can be combined in use safely and are designed to compliment each other. In the event that you have a question/concern regarding any of our products, please contact us;


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    25 reviews for PharmaTRAC Total Digestive Support

    1. Helen Hatfield

      What can I say THANK YOU , I have an 18 year old colored gelding who has always been difficult, he’s not out worldly stressed but has always been spooky.

      This winter he’s been very sloppy and smelly in his stable, he’s retired from competing and to be fair I had lost the love for hacking some tome ago due to his inability to walk forward or adjust to his surroundings.

      Two weeks in on your Gut balancer OMG, has someone swapped my horse. He’s willing to go forward he’s not spooking at silly little things I really cannot believe the difference in his attitude to life. I wish I’d found your supplement 10 years ago.

      I am just waiting for him to freak out thankfully he seems so much happier. We may have to do veterans this year.

      Thank you

    2. Vicky

      Due to my horse previously having ulcers he had a very sensitive tummy. On and off loose droppings, very loud stomach sounds and struggled to gain weight. After Lisa convinced me to change from my previous supplement on to the Betta Life PharmaTRAC I have seen massive improvements in his weight, droppings and the first time in his life his strange stomach noises have gone! I would honestly recommend this to anyone and Hugo will be on this for life.

      • Ryan #TeamBETTALife

        Thank you Vicky, we are so pleased you’ve seen such a positive improvement using PharmaTRAC, you know where we are if you need anything. Best wishes, Ryan #TeamBETTALife

    3. Sharon Porter

      My horse found staying away at aintree for the national Amature and veteran championships very stressful. After been there just a couple of days it was very tempting to bring him home but I put him onto the pharmatrac and within a couple of days was a lot more relaxed and following the advice of giving him a small amount before work helped him to stay more relaxed and focused in the collecting ring. I qualified for the final on Sunday with him and and we had a long wait for the jump off with it been the final there was a lot of atmosphere which was starting to wind him up so have him a small amount and within 10 mins was relaxing again and went and jumped another clear round. Will definitely be recommending this product to other people and keeping him on it so thank you bettalife for making another great product.

      • Ryan #TeamBETTALife

        Hi Sharon, that really is great to read. We are so pleased it works so fast and thank you in advance for recommending our new product! Best wishes, Ryan #TeamBETTALife

    4. Jane

      My thoroughbred always has a considerable amount of sloppy droppings irrelevant of the time of grazing year and type of forage he is being fed. He is in good body condition and competing both in show jumping and dressage. I tried him on a heaped scoop of Pharmatrac once a day for the last 2 days and noticed straight away the absence of ‘cow pats’ in his stable. I will give him an extra dose before travelling to a competition this week to see if it can also help reduce the sloppy droppings when travelling.

      • Ryan #TeamBETTALife

        Hi Jane, Thank you for your valued feedback. We are so pleased the results can be seen so quickly on PharmaTRAC. Best wishes, Ryan Millar, #TeamBETTALife

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    100% Money Back Guarantee

    100% Money Back Guarantee


    Our money back guarantee is both simple and straight forward, allowing customers to return products directly to BETTALIFE® for a full refund of their purchase price. This means that you can use any BETTALIFE® product without risk and in the unlikely event you are not entirely satisfied with the results, you can return it without penalty. All that we ask is that the remainder of the product along with the receipt of purchase, outer tub and any other packaging is returned. Whatever your reason for returning the product, we will be happy to refund your purchase price IN FULL.

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