Welcoming Cara Winter to Team BETTALIFE®

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Hi everyone, I am Cara and I am incredibly proud and honoured to be able to call myself a BETTALIFE® sponsored rider. 

I am a horse rider and equine blogger based in Surrey where I also keep my 11-year-old warmblood mare, Dee. I am not a professional rider, I am not competing at the top of my field (or at all most of the time), I am not dreaming of Olympic medals – I am just a very ordinary, everyday equestrian, with one horse and a very small budget, who is working hard to be the best rider and horse owner she can be and, most importantly, enjoy the ride! I look up to and admire the calibre of the other sponsored riders within Team BETTALIFE® and cannot quite believe they have chosen little old me to represent alongside them!

I thought I would share with you a little about me and, more importantly, my beautiful horse Dee.

I have ridden since I was a very young girl, with a background in the show ring, but in my early twenties I found myself without a horse or the funds to support one, so I had to give it all up. This resulted in a five-year break from riding and a total and utter departure of my confidence, before I bought Dee in 2016 – expectant of a bright and sunny future, with all of my old gung-ho and previous ability making an immediate come back and us dancing off into the sunset to pursue our dressage dreams…

In reality our journey together has certainly been an eventful one and we have had to deal with crippling nerves (mine), behavioural issues leading to a long road of veterinary investigations and treatments (Dee’s), mountains of self-doubt and anxiety (both of us), many changes of direction and resetting of expectations (mine) and a diagnosis of Kissing Spine and subsequent treatment and rehab (Dee’s). Phew! 

However, Dee has also taught me more than I could ever imagine, made me smile wider than I ever have before and made me utterly determined to push forwards no matter what is thrown at us. In the last five years, despite the bumps in the road, I have regained (some of) my old confidence, improved my ability tenfold from the day I got her, formed a bond like no other with my horse and have learned incredible amounts, not just in knowledge, but also about myself, about mindset and about resilience. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to help inspire and encourage others through my social media platforms and engage with people on a level as an amateur equestrian just like them. 

Due to the various challenges I have faced with Dee; including inflammation in her gut, stress related behaviours, Kissing Spine and alarmingly clicking hocks to mention but a few, I decided several years ago that investing some of my limited funds into supplements to support her health and well-being was of significant value and importance. Cue several disappointing and expensive forays into various supplements, until one sunny weekend when a friend and I were at Blenheim Horse Trials in 2019. We stumbled upon the BETTALIFE® tent whilst ducking for cover from a biblical rain shower and I got chatting to Tim about the BETTALIFE® products and ethos. Initially I thought “here’s another ‘wonder’ supplement that will cost the earth and not do very much” but after a while his passion, knowledge and utter belief in the product were unfailing and he spent a fair amount of time ensuring I understood exactly what they contained, what they did and discussing my horse’s needs and how they could help her. 

I went home with a pot of PharmaTrac tucked under my arm, with a guarantee of a return on my pennies if I was unhappy with the product, and our journey with BETTALIFE® began. 

Within a week or two of Dee being on PharmaTrac her condition was visibly improved, her stools were more solid, and she seemed happier in herself. Impressed, I wrote my thanks to Tim and promptly ordered another pot and also one of the PharmaQuin joint supplement. Again, the results were encouraging, and the product did precisely what it proclaimed to do! I have recently added PharmaPlast to her feeds as well, to assist with keeping her topline strong, essential for her well-being with her Kissing Spine, and aid her muscle recovery as her workload increases coming out of winter.

The rest is history; two years down the line BETTALIFE® is an essential part of what makes up Dee’s feed and she has never looked better. 

To find out more about the products that have transformed Dee, click here.

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Posted on 6th April, 2021
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