Top Travelling Tips

With the easing of restrictions, the lure of being able to transport horses again, and the promise of better weather just around the corner, make sure you are  prepared for travelling again with our top 10 tips!

Following these tips will allow for a stress-free journey and peace of mind you’re prepared.

Maintain your vehicle.

Whether it’s a horsebox or trailer make sure you keep up with essential maintenance and servicing. Checking things like the flooring and tyre pressure is also good practice.

Use appropriate leg protection.

You can reduce the risk of injury by using protective travel boots or bandages. But make sure they are comfortable and confident wearing them before travelling.

Rug appropriately.

Even clipped horses can become warm travelling, so although you don’t want them catching a chill, being too cool is preferable to being too warm.

Allow ventilation.

Make sure your truck or trailer is well ventilated; it’s very important to have good air quality for their respiratory system. Good ventilation helps ensure a comfortable trip.

Bring spares.

Ensure you carry spare water, hay and rugs, plus warm and waterproof clothing and refreshments for yourself in case you get held up for any reason.


If you’re planning a long journey make sure you stop to allow your horse a drink and a stretch to reduce the risk of colic.

Be prepared.

Make sure you have a good equine and human first aid kit in board. It’s not a bad idea to carry a full charged portable phone charger to ensure you always have battery on your phone in the case of an emergency. Also think about taking out emergency rescue cover.


Make sure you’ve practiced loading at home when you’re not in a rush if you’ve got a horse that is a tricky loader to help make loading a pleasant experience. Similarly if you’re new to driving a horsebox or trailer make sure you’re comfortable driving it without the horse on board.

Carry their passport.

Don’t forget their passport, it’s illegal to travel without!

Feed PharmaTRAC.

Supporting their digestive tract is vital, especially at potentially stressful times like travelling, training and competing. PharmaTRAC supports both the fore and hindgut and can be fed on a daily basis, as well as at times of particular stress.


The key to a stress-free journey is preparation, ensure you’ve allowed yourself plenty of time on the day and have planned your route to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy taking horses back out again!

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Posted on 18th March, 2021
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